• Introduction

    'Astha & Suranga' specializes in designing customized tours to India and tours for women to different locations around the world. The company was established in 2003 out of an interest in sharing the possibilities that a person can be introduced to while traveling abroad with a unique tour.

    India, both as a geographical point and as the reflector of an internal datum-point, contains a wide variety of experiences and unique encounters.
    Our tours to India cater to small, mixed groups – as well as tours for women only – and offer itineraries that are continuously being updated according to India’s ever-changing appearances, the specific characteristics of each group, and other relevant factors which may affect or enhance your experience. 

    The concept of 'Tours for Women’ was developed out of the recognition of the importance of creating new relationship circles. The sensation of togetherness while in a foreign location allows women to breathe 'new air’ within a social space, while feeling comfortably familiar and secure. Groups of women usually connect quickly and, out of a deep sense of commonality, tend to create a strong circle of partnership and sharing. Tours for women can be designed to create an intriguingly different kind of dynamic.

    Are you ready to experience the tour of a lifetime?

  • About Astha & Suranga

    On the enchanting island of Vypin, near Cochin, in the south of India, on a hammock rocking lazily between two palm trees, in front of quiet water canals, the idea was born: to share with other people the kind of pleasure and passion which we felt for India. At that moment – and perhaps this is the nature of inspiration – it all made sense. All the relevant experiences in our lives merged together into one clear concept: traveling, meeting people, hosting and being hosted, producing events, communicating and… the element that is difficult to put into words, the scent and taste of India. All these we decided to weave into a challenging, professional career.

    Over the last five years, we have introduced India to many diverse groups and gained a great deal of understanding into creating specialized tours that are shaped by the goals, interests, and character of the groups, as well as the locations we visit.

    More than ten years (and many repeat visits) have passed since the moment we first set foot in India. Over that period, India has become our second home, and is still a never-ending source of wonder and inspiration for us. In that regard, we were extremely fortunate to be able to turn a personal journey into a source of livelihood, one which has become infused with vitality, interest and our own personal enthusiasm. The passing years, combined with our own personal maturity, have added new emotional layers to the way we understand and feel India, its hypnotic contradictions, and the philosophical magic which influences the way it functions.

    About six years ago, during a visit to the Osho resort in Pune, we chose to adopt the names Astha and Suranga. The new names are our personal /private indicators, symbolizing a lifestyle we choose to pursue with independence, responsibility and awareness.

    With time, we came to understand that we have a deep interest in people and the human consciousness. We decided to express this interest in our work by translating the aspirations and expectations of our clients into relevant content and ambience during the tours. 

    We love to travel and believe in what M. de Montaigne once said: “A man should be ready always, and have within reach a pair of shoes appropriate for traveling”.

    As we understand it, a well-designed trip has the power to arouse, to enhance, and to feed the mind. Our primary concern is to create tours which reflect that sense, and to update them according to global and local changes which are related to trends, styles and a changing world of interests. Motion and renewal are definitely our guides. 

    Our trademark is 'Boutique Tours’. By Boutique, we mean a level of quality which has become part of the way we understand a meaningful experience. This is reflected in our personal touch, attention to detail and higher level of service. All of our tours cater to small groups, a policy which promotes intimate dynamics. The quality we maintain is measured not only by the quantifiable parameters of good hotels and gourmet food, but also by the respectful attitude we demonstrate to each and every person, out of the understanding that every tour we undertake is also our own personal journey.

    Recently, we have established a joint venture with Geographical Tours, one of Israel’s leading company for geographical expeditions, unique in nature and essence.
    Together with the experienced team, we are craeting women tours to an array of exquisite destinations distributed throughout the world.

  • Tours to India 

    For us, India is not just another country in a chain of countries. It is unique, holistic and multi-faceted. One of the strongest phenomena one encounters on a visit to India is its multiplicity and diversity, the colorful contradictions extending between extremes. These are manifested in every aspect of life. In many ways, the streets of India are like a microcosm, bustling on visible and invisible levels. It may seem as though chaos rules, but as you become immersed in the flow, you soon discover that India is a complex orchestra which functions harmonically. There is no doubt that India can become a powerful and meaningful experience. India can provide an intriguing break which allows you to feel and think differently. A place that can provide a new perspective on one’s lifestyle. On more than one occasion, new doors have opened for those who have traveled with us, and accelerated the processes that have led to positive changes in their lives.

    Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience and become well acquainted with the Indian mindset and created warm relationships with many locals. With our tours, we have distilled what we see as the 'addictive’ magic of India into a tapestry of experiences, woven around three major threads:

    • Geography and Culture – Exposing the uninitiated to new environments, sights, customs, arts and bazaars
    • Life in India – Arranging personal encounters and activities with local friends
    • Cultural / Spiritual – Exploring new philosophies, concepts and ideas

    To our eyes, the modern and developed India is as magical and diverse as the classical and historical one. That is why we think it is also important to expose travelers to the changes constantly taking place in India. The balance between the ancient and the modern is constantly being updated and shifts with every tour. 

    We offer a wide selection of varied travel experiences for women, all over India, including concept tours (like 'The Taste of India’ - a culinary tour), as well as consulting services and creating tours for individual travelers. We aim to create experiences for our clients that match their specific tastes and needs, while also providing a current and relevant itinerary. 

    Detailed programs in English are available upon request.

    Please contact us at: [email protected]

  • Tours for Women

    Tours for women are a special category, derived from the wider trend of female awareness that has developed in recent years. During our years of working with women, we have learned that more women prefer to shift emphasis from their intense and demanding lifestyles to different dimension of life, a more spiritual one, in order to soften the focus on the everyday activities. We sense that more women would like to take a 'time out’ for a while, and regard themselves and their lives from a new perspective– the kind one can only get from a life-changing travel experience. It is fascinating for us to take part in this unique and magical process, which occurs only in the exclusive  company of women. The level of vitality and freedom is increased, and a new safe space is created which allows us to have fun, try new
    .things, and be influenced by other women

    In addition to the touristic aspect, we have included workshops, meetings with local women, meditations, spas, local foods, music and
    .movement, and, of course, shopping time

    We offer tours to India (3 different routes), Morocco, Burma (Myanmar), Guatemala, Georgia, Japan, Nepal, Spanish Pyrenees, Andalucía, Sri

    Please contact us at: [email protected]

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